Sun & bathe

Beaches and Bathing
With its blue crystal clear water, the Seychelles is a real paradise for those who love hanging out at the beach. The beaches are white, the sand is firm and perfect for long beach walks. The water is always warm and perfect for snorkeling. The wildlife in the water is amazing and you will find yourself snorkeling among beautiful fishes that could have been taken straignt from an aquarium and often come really close.

Anse Lazio
On Praslin you will find Anse Lazio, a beach that is often awarded as the most beautiful beach in the world. Imagine a picture in a travel magazine that looks perfect, this is better! Anse Lazio is a must if you want to experience a beach you might have only experienced through pictures before. However, don’t forget you camera, this is a beach you need to see, you can’t simply explain it in words.

Anse Lazio, paradise on earth!