– Praslin

On scenic Praslin you will find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with perfect conditions for snorkeling. In other words, Praslin is the perfect choice if you love hanging by the beach.

Here you will find the best beach on the Seychelles (actually in the whole world): Anse Lazio. Here the water is utterly blue and the waves roll in a slow and relaxing manner. The beach is soft, firm and white, perfect for long beach walks. Additionally, the beach is surrounded by a coral reef that makes it perfect for snorkeling.

You can visit the National Park Vallée de Mai. You will experience the protected, double cocoa nut palms; Coco de Mer, that more or less has become a symbol for the Seychelles. Vallée de Mai is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage because of its amazing vegetation and rich diversity, as well as many beautiful hiking trails. From the port you can catch a ferry to some of the nearby islands.